The Magic Of Starting Over Bundle (E-book, Checklist, Mind Map, Videos, Etc)

The Magic Of Starting Over Bundle (E-book, Checklist, Mind Map, Videos, Etc)

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Many people agree that the past should be forgotten, and we should

focus on the present and the future. However, it’s easier said than

done. Some traumatic and hurtful situations are not easy to let go

because of their unprecedented nature. Many times, we think about

what could have been, and hot tears just roll down the check.

Sometimes, it can be because of the loss of a significant other.

You have been looking forward to building a future together with

the person. She was the woman of your dreams. You have been

waiting to have someone like her in your life. Eventually, you found

her, and you were already planning forever with her. Then, out of

nowhere, she was involved in this ghastly accident that took her

away from you. Now, you are wondering how life could have been

so cruel. You feel unlucky and depressed. The depression and

dejection have made it hard for you to give any other person a

chance to win your heart.

Indeed, a story such as this is tragic. If it were a Hollywood movie,

you could have been shedding tears by now. We all have things like

this in our life. Of course, the intensity and situation are not the

same. Nonetheless, we all need healing. We all need to let go of the

past and focus on the present while looking forward to the future.

This book will equip you with the tools you need on this new


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