21 Productivity Ideas
21 Productivity Ideas

21 Productivity Ideas

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If you’re working from home, then your ability to get lots done and stay on

task is going to have a huge, direct impact on your lifestyle and happiness.

Finish early and you have the option to simply head downstairs, make a cup

of coffee and start relaxing! There’s no commute, no boss looking over your

shoulder, and no requirement to work set hours (so long as the work gets

done). Heck, you could even put that extra time to good use by starting a

side project, further developing your skills, etc.

Then there’s the fact that working from home can mean working in your

perfect work environment, near to the people you love, and with the

freedom to come and go as you please – or even to completely change your

work hours!

But if you don’t have the discipline and motivation to actually get work done,

then it can be a completely different story. Now you’re more likely to find the

experience highly stressful and overwhelming: you might well find yourself

with a huge list of tasks that you have no idea how to tackle. The line

between downtime and work might have become blurred, and you might be

constantly working late, forgetting to shave, and generally failing to maintain

a work-life balance.

Read on and you’ll discover 21 productivity tips, hacks, and ideas that can

make a huge difference. They have been organized into categories for

your convenience!

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