365 Manifestation Power (E-Book, E-Course, Squeeze Page, Etc)

365 Manifestation Power (E-Book, E-Course, Squeeze Page, Etc)

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Everyone has an insight, a voice that comes from within ones soul. This is

the voice responsible in influencing and directing us throughout our life.

That voice is constantly telling us “Get up right now! Take charge of your

life and manifest your destiny”.

It involves transforming yourself and taking charge of your life. If you stay

stagnant then life will not happen for you. You might never experience the

true potential of yourself. Life is not only about living,

sleeping, eating, working and traveling but to explore, experiment,

observe, thoughtful processes and taking risks towards change.

Allow this eBook to assist you in discovering the mind blowing power in manifestation.

Who This Is For:

Everyone (we all have the ability to manifest the things we want out of life), mindset coaches, manifestation coach, wellness coaches, life coaches, therapists, etc.

How To Use:

Ebook, freebie, online course, slide deck, blog content, video coaching program, email marketing, client workbook

Make It Your Own:

Put your own unique photo on the cover of your eBook. Provide tips around your own manifestation techniques. Mold it so it fits individual client needs/wants. This content can be made entirely your own. Don't be shy to switch everything up!


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