Building Confidence When Facing Divorce (E-Book and E-Course)

Building Confidence When Facing Divorce (E-Book and E-Course)

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Divorce makes us question and wonder who we are. We have to take a good hard look at our lives and what positions we play in life. This is especially true if you were the type of spouse who deeply rooted your identity in your marriage and took a great deal of pride in it. Some people are dependent on this identity and pride themselves on being a spouse.

It’s perfectly natural to be co-dependent, especially in a marriage. Unfortunately, too much co-dependency could make it harder to let go during a divorce. Divorce can also shatter confidence because of the manner in which the divorce is being carried out. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be so easy to let go. If the divorce wasn’t a mutual or amicable decision, this could lead to one person holding on more than the other and subsequently feeling low in confidence.

While you will grieve the loss of the future that you once hoped for, stay encouraged that things will eventually get better. It is important to remind yourself that you still have a life and a future outside of divorce. It doesn’t have to become your identity and drain you of your confidence. Be reassured by the fact that fresh hopes and dreams will eventually replace your old ones.

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