Career and Job Blog Bundle

Career and Job Blog Bundle

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This Career Bundle includes 

40 Done for You Blogs

4 Lead Magnets and Coaching Worksheets

16 Affirmations and Meditations

1 Slidedeck for Masterclasses

1 Worksheet

2 Wallpapers

Topics Include:

  • Successful Networking With Busy People
  • Leaving A Job Gracefully
  • Top 10 Ways To Demonstrate Your Ability To Handle Pressure At Work
  • Taking A Leave Of Absence Without Derailing Your Career
  • How To Deal With Isolation When You're Self Employed
  • How To Impress A Boss You Rarely See
  • What Every Job Hunter Needs To Know About Assessing Your Future Boss
  • 8 Tips For Easing Back Into The Work Week After Summer Vacation
  • Discover How Your Hobby Can Advance Your Career
  • How To Use Professional Associations To Advance Your Career
  • Save Your Job How To Deal With A Bad Boss
  • How To Write A Great Resume
  • 11 Ways To Handle A Bossy Coworker That Make You Look Good
  • 14 Strategies To Help You Stay Focused In An Open Office
  • What Movie Trailers Can Teach You About Writing Your Resume
  • The Secret To Applying For Jobs When You May Be Under Qualified
  • 3 Strategies For Job Hunting Over The Weekend
  • The Secret To Networking At Social Events
  • Say Goodbye To Feeling Lonely At Work
  • A Foolproof Formula For Cutting Down On Excessive Meetings
  • 3 Unconventional Roads To Finding Your Dream Job
  • Helpful Solutions For When Your Boss Is Burned Out
  • How To Make A Career Change At 30
  • A Managers Guide To Preventing Sexual Harassment At Work
  • A Foolproof Formula For Staying Focused While You Work At Home
  • How To Find Your Next Job By Networking
  • Modern Rules For Dealing With Deadlines At Work
  • Read This Before You Reject A Job Offer
  • The Secret To Being More Proactive At Work
  • Why Losing Your Job Could Be A Good Thing
  • 14 Habits That Make You A More Valuable Employee

This Bundle is Perfect For: Career Coaches, HR Professionals, Working Professionals, and Employment Specialists

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