Minimalist Living Bundle

Minimalist Living Bundle

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Who This Is For:

New Home owners, Travelers, Those in search of an "easier--more freeing" life, Life Coaches

How To Use:

Ebook, Online course, video content, YouTube video tutorial, Email marketing, Freebie for Clients


In this eBook, you will take a closer look at what changing to a minimalist way of living means and how it could help you to enjoy greater peace of mind. With this how-to guide to switching to a minimalist lifestyle, you have all the tools you need at your disposal to make an informed decision about whether you could benefit from making the change. Learn all you need to know about what a modern minimalistic lifestyle looks like and find out more about how you can adopt the principles of this exciting and revolutionary lifestyle concept into your everyday life. You will be impressed by the many benefits that will derive when you make just a few simple changes.

You will discover... 

 What Minimalist living looks like: learning to identify the things which are important 

 What a Life of Intentionality is 

 The Freedom that Minimalist living brings freedom from frantic modern life, freedom from duplicity, fewer possessions, etc.

 The Personal Benefits of Minimalist Living understand yourself and your relationships better 

 The Problems of Minimalism and How to Counteract them Not only does minimalism require a change in your physical lifestyle, it also demands a change of attitude and mind

 Taking the First Steps towards a Minimalist Lifestyle 

 And more...

What's Included:

E-Book, Email Scripts, Sales Pages, 16 Tutorial Videos that you can use or voice-over as your own

Plus: Bonus Ad Sets, Marketing Images

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