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PLR Masterclass- How to Make Money With PLR Products

A Masterclass Specifically Designed to Help You Use PLR Products to Make Money in Your Business

Learn to Use PLR Products to Make More Money and save time in Your Business

Did You Know?

-PLR allows busy entreprenuers to make thousands of dollars without having to write 1 word!

-Selling PLR products saves the average entrepreneur thousands of hours because they're not spending time writing behind a laptop or babysitting expensive freelancers!

-PLR reduces stress because entrepreneurs aren't consumed with developing chapters or courses. They're already done!

There's a HUGE opportunity to double or even triple your annual sales by INCORPORATING PLR in your business! Don't Wait!


Does This Sound Like You?

You spend more time creating content and dealing with the day to day issues in your business than you spend on revenue generating activities (a.k.a. sales).

Despite your big sales goals each month, you fail to create and stick with an effective plan. You usually end up scrambling at the last minute.

You're spending countless hours writing and formatting e-books and slides when you'd prefer to be spending time building relationships and engaging with clients.

You rarely have time to map out your sales and marketing plans because you’re overwhelmed or you’d rather just wing it! And Strategy? What’s that?

You feel isolated and end up over-analyzing the moves you make, so you aren’t being held accountable for hitting and exceeding your goals.

If you’ve been missing the mark, well, it’s time to make a change!


Adding Done For You and Private Label Products (PLR) to your business is the ultimate cheat code of successful entrepreneurs. Why stress yourself out, spend money you don't have to, and waste thousands of hours DIY-ing everything in your business when there's a better alternative???

This 2 hour Masterclass is specifically designed for small business owners who are ready to blow their sales (and annual revenue) out of the water, build huge tribes of raving fans, and be known for kick-a** content! Get ready to discover how to make the most of your brand using PLR… no matter what your business model!

Join us to…

Effortlessly boost your annual sales and experience what it’s like to exponentially increase your bank account.

Create e-books, courses, and digital products without having to write 1 word! You’ll be totally ahead of the game!

Get laser focused on the right “types” of marketing activities which will get your customers and clients coming back for more and generate the most revenue for your business.

Ramp up momentum that keeps building like a snowball effect so you build a strong community around your brand making it bigger and better.

Curious how you're going to get there?

Let’s break it down:

  • Get the basics of Done For You and PLR products.
  • Step by Step blueprint on how to make Done For You and PLR products work for your brand!
  • Rules that are broken down into specific actions to help you prepare a plan to achieve your sales goals.
  • Instructions on how to build your brand using 1 product to make $5,000-$10,000 in recurring revenue every month! 


We have some special bonuses just for signing up for the course!

****Sales scripts that you can use to market your products and services via email and social media!

****A Holiday calendar that you can utilize to plan your marketing and content for upcoming sales!



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